J & E Hall technology installed at Royal Armouries

The Royal Armouries in Leeds has recently installed J & E Hall cooling technology to protect museum artefacts from the ravages of infestation.

The museum accepts exhibits large and small but many arrive in poor condition. They may be carrying insects which can cause damage and these bugs can infest other artefacts once on show in the museum. To combat this, new exhibits spend five days in quarantine at low temperatures before being defrosted and made ready for display. A new freezer room has been installed at the Royal Armouries to help with this and playing a key role in the cooling system is a J & E Hall Fusion Commercial Condensing Unit.

The installation was carried out by Blackburn-based ACME Facilities Group, who worked closely with J & E Hall to size the system and capacity needed for the new freezer room at the museum.

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